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A comprehensive Learning Management System

eGenisysLMS is the only complete learning management system that allows organizations to manage all learning and development functions using one solution.

Live Course Management

HR and Training departments can manage and automate setting up live workshops or events.

Online Learning

Allows HR and Training departments to upload online courses or tailor existing library.


Link and manage existing webinar or meeting tools such as ZOOM, MS Teams and Webex.


Manage coaching relationships between employees and internal or external coaches.


Employees can use eGenisysLMS to find members within their organization.

Individual Development Plans (IDP)

Employees can create a plan that supports their learning and professional development.

Organizational Competencies

Organize learning solutions around desired competencies and link to related learning solutions.


Engage in discussions about topics that peak interests or support professional development.

Advanced Reporting

Allows designated administrators to take advantage of canned or customized reports.

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Where performance begins!

We help learners envision and achieve their purpose.

eGenisysLMS Benefits

Ideal for small organizations or global organizations who want to streamline the administrative processes for learning and development.

  • Create your learning and development plan
  • Link learning to organizational competencies
  • Assemble online your own content based on your needs
  • Register for live workshops and webinars offered by your organization
  • Track your own learning engagement
  • Identity and connect with a mentor in your organization
  • Connect with a coach within or outside your organization
  • Learn on the go
  • Manage all learning and development activities (training, coaching, mentoring, development plans) in one place
  • Link learning to your organization's competencies
  • Categorize your learning content to enhance user experience
  • Assign administration functions to others within your organization
  • Schedule and communicate your live workshops
  • Register participants or allow them to self-register
  • Take advantage of online leadership development content
  • Create, schedule, and offer virtual webinars through zoom and other platforms
  • Take advantage of canned and customized dynamic reports
  • Add your organization's brand assets to your site


Where learning begins! We help learners envision and achieve their purpose.

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